Friday, June 20, 2008

I wasn't ready for this picture

Ayden and Luke, originally uploaded by dereksanford.

OK - this is Ayden - my three year old daughter. The latest love of my life. And yes, that's just her cousin Luke helping her navigate the bustling crowds of people at Waldameer. And yes, you can call me an overprotective father. But seriously, I had a vision into the future 12 years from now to my 15 year-old Ayden holding hands with a boy. But future boyfriends beware. You'll not only have a jealousy-crazed father to deal with but a 22 year-old Caleb and 18 year-old Chase.

Just try it you punk...don't even think about it...whoever you are...even though you're only 3 years old right now and would have to be advanced enough to be able to read... well...anything...let alone this blog post....I'm just very careful.


j*amy said...

heheheh awesome.

Adam Jennings said...

That's hilarious!