Saturday, December 20, 2008

Favorite Christmas Traditions from Childhood

  1. Making hard candy - we would always make multiple flavors of hard candy during the holidays to have around the house and to give away to friends. I loved how the cinnamon made the house smell but liked the taste of root beer the best.
  2. One present on Christmas eve - we would draw names on Christmas eve and open the present from that person. It was a cool way to satisfy the itch of anxious children.
  3. Fondu - I don't remember when it started, but my family often would do fondue on Christmas eve. We experimented with the oil and cooking meat in there, with the cheese and dipping hard bread, and with the chocolate and dipping fruit and stuff.
What are your fond traditions from when you were growing up?


kelly said...

I always made hard candy too. I do not make that now though. I use to always make peanut brittle and still do that.

We always went to my Grandma's on Christmas eve.

Now We have a traditon of cutting our Christmas tree down and the girls pull it out but it is very small. We have Christmas Eve at our house now. I hope my children rememeber our traditions. We also fondue but on New Year's Eve.

These are fun memories.

Susan said...

1. Candlelight service at Church. Roger and I both still LOVE and seek out the traditional candlelight service with the carols, advent wreath, and little white candles.

2. Making cut-out cookies on Christmas Eve. My parents had 5 kids. There was no time beforehand. So my dad would make the batter and roll it out, we would do the cookie cutters, and my mom was in charge of the frosting process (and keeping us from eating them all!)

3. Hanging stockings RIGHT before bed. We never even got to LOOK at our stockings before my mom got them out on Christmas Eve after church. We'd come home from the service, put on our jammies, put out the cookies and milk THEN hang the stockings on our way up to bed. It really got the anticipation going crazy!

I am forcing Roger to let me carry all of these things on with our children!

(I'm sure that's way more of a response than you really wanted...)

dan said...

One of my favorite warm memories is definitely the candlelight Christmas Eve service. I think we are going to start the tradition next year as a church. Something special about worshipping God and celebrating on the faith-filled eve of our savior's birth.

Danny Lucas said...

Hey Dan,

You and Stephanie are missed in Erie. I often thought of making a quick jaunt to your spot in NJ, from Bethlehem when I lived there.
Are you still in the Garden State...same spot?

Add a "Hello" from Karli too.

Merry Christmas Dan!

Best regards,
Danny Lucas

Will McCullough said...

Great topic..I love elves.

aaron said...

1. Watching White Christmas (best Christmas movie ever).
2. Breakfast in Bed - Christmas morning.

Danielle said...

First of all - I love that candy you guys make. I like cinnamon (hint, hint).

1. Cut out cookies
2. Opening one gift christmas eve (and it was always pajamas)
3. Opening stockings first on Christmas day