Friday, May 23, 2008

Ayden Didn't Quite Get the Miracle Right

So we were talking last night about what the kids were learning both from School and from Sunday School lately. Ayden (our 3 year old daughter) got very excited to tell what she had learned in Sunday School. She got very animated and started taking deep inhales between each phrase. She kind of missed the point of the punchline of the big miracle though. Her story went something like this:

Kim - so tell us about what you're learning Ayden...

Ayden - well all the guys with Jesus (deep breath) they got in a boat and sailed way way way (deep breath) way way way out into the water.

Kim - really - and then what happened?

Ayden - then a huge rain came... and thunder... and lightning (deep breath) and the waves were so big they almost covered the boat.

Kim - wow! then what?

Ayden - then Jesus came out (deep breath) and he got in the boat with his guys

Kim - oh man - then he must have done something pretty great next!

Ayden - yeah (deep breath) next he let the boat drift right into the storm (very deep breath like she had just finished the story)

Kim - didn't something happen after that?

Ayden - (somewhat annoyed) yeah....we had a snack.


rachel said...

LOL!! I hope you informed her about the good part :) I want to hear that story.

j*amy said...

hahah she's so cute and funny!

childrensministryandculture said...


Diane Wright said...

you left out the hand gestures she used...oh, I suppose since I haven't been around her lately she doesn't do that anymore! LOL! Ha!