Monday, November 24, 2008

To Those From Warmer Climates

As I was shoveling this morning and as we are bracing for yet another lake effect snowstorm, I was thinking about some of my friends from the south. We have some fun at each others' expense regarding the weather. So, if you live where the weather is consistently warm (and by warm I mean above 40 degrees for the majority of the year) there are a few things that may surprise you about the snowier regions of the country. Here are three of them:
  1. We think we're tougher than you. That's right I said it. People who live in frigid places like Erie, PA think they're more rugged than the rest of the country. We chuckle inside as we hear you talk about your problems thinking to ourselves, "yeah but you've never shoveled out of a lake-effect snow dump of 18" in 6 hours." Even people who used to live up north, but now live in warmer climates, still think they're tougher than the rest of y'all.
  2. Snow gets dirty fast. If you've never been around a lot of snow you probably don't know this little tidbit. A big snowfall is only a postcard-worthy winter wonderland for a very short time. After that the plows pile it up along the streets in a big brownish dirty ole' pile because of the salt and brine that are put on it as a melting agent.
  3. Staying warm is all about layers. I can always spot the people who have moved here from somewhere warm because they're the one's with the huge puffy coat on and a t-shirt underneath. Five or six layers of shirts and sweatshirts beats one big coat any day.


Dave said...

lol. i love this post.

and i know you're thinking, "of course you do".

Derek said...

of course you do

Matt Donovan said...

While I' will never be a Texan, I've defintitely become a total southern-wuss-pansy-punk regarding the weather. I would not survive another Minnesota winter.

bobick said...

thanks for the snow facts, here are 3 quick things about Texas

1. Everything is bigger here
2. Some trucks do have a cow skull and horns wired to the front grill-I have the picture to prove it
3. Meat is a staple and gravy a condiment.

see you a couple of weeks

Derek said...

thanks Bob - that is very helpful for any future trips to Texas! I'll be sure that Kim carries some extra gravy packets in her purse...

Danielle said...

i was going to comment, but got distracted by the gravy packets. i'm kind of throwing up in my mouth.