Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Poem for Dads

I wrote this poem when Caleb was a toddler... he's 13 now.  Fatherhood certainly changes as kids grow up.  Whatever stage your kids are at; dads don't forget the amazing responsibility you have to instill the higher callings of faith, and character, and humility in your children. This little poem takes me back to when he was wobbling around many years ago.  Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there.  May God be with you as you lead your children.

A Dad on One Knee

a dad on one knee, eye to eye with his little one
speaking, deeply, without forming a single word

a dad on one knee, casting off cares of his grown-up life
prestige, deadlines, trumped by grass-stained dress pants

a dad on one knee, creating otherwise impossible chances for
hugs, high-fives, and larger-than-life wrestling matches

a dad on one knee, descending from his usual lofty place
tickling, smiling, learning from this new-found perspective

a dad on one knee, giving pointers to the next football star
teaching, coaching, secretly rooting for much more than skill

a dad on one knee, beside the bed during scary nights
comforting, softly, slaying the terrifying shadow monsters

a dad on one knee, clumsily humming bedtime songs
singing, holding, praying that time will take the long way

a dad on one knee, nervous about the outcome of his best attempt
waiting , watching, heartstrings stretched to their limits

a dad on one knee, emulating his Redeemer gone before
humbly, sacrificing, knowing this posture has eternal consequence
a dad on one knee, eye to eye with his little one
speaking, deeply, without uttering a single word

Friday, June 03, 2011

Are people glad to see you coming?

I heard a quote recently that said, "would you rather lighten up a room when you enter it or when you leave it?" If you are a leader, and you are leading in a God-ordained way, then most often, those you lead will be glad to see you coming around the corner.  This applies to your workplace, to your neighborhood, to your family, to your team, etc. Three things should happen in those that you lead when you walk into the room...
  1. They will be refreshed and ready to grow when you are around. They will not dread your presence. 
  2. They will look forward to seeing you. You will add energy to their day and not drain energy from it.
  3. They will be filled with hope and not despair. They know that even when it is dark in their world you’ll come looking for them.
For those who are not leading teams of people, try applying these 3 criteria to your kids or your spouse... how are you doing?