Thursday, September 04, 2008

Back From Vacation

Well today was my first day back in the office after an extended vacation - just over 2 weeks (this also explains my lackluster blogging during this same period). We had a great time. I have an absolutely quality family. Wow. We went to Plum Island in northern Massachusetts for the first part, then on to Boston for a few days, and then back home to work on several projects we have going on right now.

Some observations from our trip:
  1. My family is killer. I know I already said it - but my wife and my kids are the best on earth. We had a blast together.
  2. My pace is a little too frantic. This was the first beach vacation we've taken as a family. The change in pace was crazy that first day. Going from 100 mph to 0 mph is a shock to the system. I sat on the beach shaking the whole first day!
  3. The Atlantic Ocean is cold in northern Mass. even in August. Can you say "no feeling in your extremeties?"
  4. The sunrise and sunset on the island were both beautiful. I was able to take in both. A close second to Presque Isle in Erie.
  5. Ayden is a girlie girl. I don't know how it happened becuase Kim is not that way... and ... well... neither am I. She played Barbies with her cousin for hours on the beach and spent a lot of time stuffing sand in her bathing suit in "all the right places."
  6. I had access to some of the best seafood in the country and yeah... still really don't like it. But if you batter it and fry it and I can at least get it down...
  7. We had the best pre-trip prayer. I asked the kids to pray for our trip as we were pulling out of our neighborhood - the boys tore it up - great prayers about safety and fun and relationships - Ayden prayed, "God, help our house to not catch on fire while we're gone."
  8. There are so many things I love about big cities. Everytime I'm in one I fantasize about living there - probably aint gonna happen - I like where I'm at more.
  9. I love Grace. I always have a lot of time to think and reflect on ministry and church while I'm away. I wouldn't trade our church, our ministry, our future for any other.
  10. It's good to be home. Vacations are lovely- but it's nice to be in our own house - our own bed - our own life rhythms again.

I'm heading off to South Carolina for a coaching network with Tony Morgan tomorrow. I'm totally pumped about it. I'll have more to report after that I'm sure. But for now - it's good to be home - that is - until I leave for South Carolina in the morning...


Larry Shallenberger said...

Way to go with the coaching group!

Will McCullough said...

Welcome back. Congrats again on the coaching group gig!

Rena said...
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