Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Really Emotional

I don't know why - but the moment the first note was played in the main session this morning I got really emotional. I'm not a total conference-junkie-weirdo either. I'm still trying to figure out exactly why. I think maybe because I have kids and looking around at a room full of really faithful people, many of whom have really crappy realities in their home churches (ie. lack of resources, lack of ideas and momentum, lack of support from senior leadership, etc) and yet they are so passionate about reaching kids. I could see it in their faces as I looked around. And I'm so thankful for Larry and his leadership and the tons of committed volunteers at Grace who work with our kids...

My kids.

Some of them total strangers who have given something up to shape the course of history through our next generation of leaders. I was really inspired - I'll admit it. A couple of random thoughts.
  • Larry and I argued about the presence of puppets. I was sure that they would have a presence at this conference - he tried to convince me that Children's Ministry has "moved beyond puppets" - I'll let you ask him what started the conference - the very first bit of the very first session!
  • 2 Instances of hand motions also made it in to the first session (don't doubt me again Larry)
  • The new Willow is ridiculous (this deserves a seperate post)
  • Larry got a gift bag at the hotel from Willow for being one of the speakers - in it was an i-pod shuffle with Willow's logo on it ... c'mon seriously...
  • Our trip out here was hilarious (ask about the convenience store bathroom break...)
  • We took a little I-80 detour (all right a big one - but I'm spinning it that it wasn't that big!)
  • Our hotel is amazing (I'll post some pics in another post too) but here was our conversation as we were driving up to this palatial architectural wonder:

Derek - look at this place, man

Larry - this can't be right

Derek - it is - this is the place - you're bigtime

Larry - shut up this isn't right

Derek - you're bigtime man - just accept it

Larry - stop saying that - what's going on?

Derek - I said you're bigtime -that's what's going on

Larry - I hate you

(Larry gets out of the car -goes into the 4 story open lobby to register - comes back out to the car - white as a ghost.)

Derek - What's wrong

Larry -You'll never believe what was playing over the PA in the lobby...

Derek - what?

Larry - "Big Time" by Peter Gabriel

Derek - ...told ya.


Anonymous said...

Man I needed the laugh you just provided via this post. Mike W

Derek said...

always glad to serve Mike.

Jason Pauli said...

I'm trying to be a conference speaker...

Just like Laaaaaaaaaaaaaary.

Matt Donovan said...

heh. "told ya."

Danielle said...

aaaand i just peed my pants.

puremotif said...

aaand this is totally awesome. you really are good derek, and larry you really are big.

i expect a full retelling of all these funny stories asap.

mlmj0210 said...

when do we get our logo shuffles for service?