Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Kids Questions that Adults Keep Asking

There are some questions that we ask as kids that we continue to ask throughout adulthood. Here are three:
  1. Why? Ever been around a three year old that asks "why" about everything? Sometimes out of curiosity and sometimes they don't really care, they just zone out and keep asking for the sake of asking. Sometimes I think adults keep asking, "Why God?" "Why did you let this happen to me?" "Why couldn't my life have turned out differently?" because we either don't have the guts to admit to knowing the answers or we're afraid to walk forward courageously in faith. For some, our questioning becomes an excuse for our inertia.
  2. Are We There Yet? Kids are impatient on trips - so are we. We are used to instant gratification. We forget that God is in the process of making something in us and He isn't quite done yet. It seems that God is often less concerned with our final destination than He is with who we are becoming along the journey.
  3. Do I have to Share? We are mortified when our kids don't share and are blatantly selfish while playing with other kids. We insist that if they have two of something that they give one to the kid who doesn't have anything. It's just common courtesy. I wonder what runs through God's mind when He looks down on those of us with a lot refusing to share with those who have little? "Immature selfish brats..."

Any other good childhood questions that we can't seem to let go of?


Women's Care Center (WCC) Education Division said...

Perhaps..."how much can I get away with?" Ever had a little kid about to touch the delicate Christmas tree and look at you like "how close can I get before you tell me no?" We are always trying to push the limit, seeing how far we can go before there are consequences. The same is true with physical temptation or finances. No one likes to be told "no." Boundaries will always be one of the hardest lessons to learn.

Your sister, Jinelle said...

"Do I have to?" I get this a lot in my class.

We could easily translate this with us asking the same question to God.

"Is it going to be graded?" Again, a common 6th grade question...Do they do better because it is?? Or blow it off if it isn't?

I always think about God's final grade for me in my life. Every task, everything we do, God could be opening his grade book and checking things off as we go.

Larry Shallenberger said...

Not a question-- but a childhood manifesto: "That's not fair."

"Fair" is what happens in Crawford County in August.