Sunday, February 23, 2014

Grace Online Part 2: Who are we trying to reach?

Starting on Sunday, March 2 Grace Church is launching a brand new worship experience for an online audience called Grace Online. To start with, the service will air 5 times per week. I'm sure we will adjust from there. The first service time will be on Sunday, March 2 at 11 AM. This series of blog posts will give some rationale and back story for this new ministry endeavor. 


Who are we trying to reach?
  1. Friends and family of Grace who don’t have a church. We still believe that a personal invitation to Christ and to church is the most effective means to reach people with the hope of the gospel.  We want to provide another resource for those who are attending Grace to share what God is doing with their friends and families, both in town and out of town. Our online services will allow those who aren't quite ready to step into a physical location to check out an online experience in a safe and non-threatening environment.
  2. People who can’t attend church. There are people who can’t attend church for a variety of reasons. Some consistently work on Sunday mornings, some are out of town in business or vacation, and others are physically unable to get out of the house to come to church.  We will offer services multiple times each week, so that people who can’t attend church during traditional times can still experience worship and teaching every week.
  3. People in future multi-site areas. As we continue to plan for more multi-site locations, our online service will expose people to Grace Church long before we have a physical location in that area.  It will allow our advance teams to host small groups and provide a resource to fuel bible studies and ministry events in that community.  
  4. The whole world. It sounds weird to say that, but the truth is there is no limit to who Grace Online can reach. The internet has over 2 billion users worldwide making it the largest and most accessible mission field in the world. It is more possible today than it’s ever been in history for the church to fulfill Jesus’ call in Matthew 28 to preach the gospel to all people. We want to do our part. 
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