Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Good Friday is Going to Be Awesome

Listen, if you get a chance to come out on Good Friday it is going to be an amazing experience. I absolutely love the team that we have at Grace that puts together creative, spiritually charged, God-honoring experiences. This may be the most ambitious one we've ever tried to pull off. But it's going to be stunning.

The Journey to the Cross during the day is going to take your breath away. I'm not going to give it all away, but it starts in the Upper Room at the last supper where you will come in to a room with original paintings by a Grace artist that tries to capture the mood of the disciples, a triclinium table will be set where you can recline at the seat of the disciple that you most relate to. You will go from there into the Garden of Gethsemane where a kind of haunting scene awaits. It will be a room of solitude and intense prayer as we try to get our minds around the anguish of Christ in the Garden. Then on to the most ambitious room - the trial before Pilate and the mob. I'm not going to give anything about this room away, but it's going to be amazing. And then a journey down the hallway to the cross. With insults and jeers, a taste of vinegar, and then the stark reality of the cross.

The video meditation room will be going throughout the day as well in the worship center - it will begin on the 1/2 hour. It is an adaptation of the video that we used last year that our team edited. It's intense.

The experience runs from 12-9 pm and is self guided for most of that time. It will be group guided the hour before (6-7) and the hour after (8-9) our 7:oo service. Speaking of that - we also have a communion service at 7 pm in the commons that is going to be very meaningful. We will worship together, Karis will be singing, we will share the bread and juice and ponder the cross.

This whole experience would be great for individuals and families to do. It would also be very appropriate to invite guests to. Hope to see you there - I'll be at the info center for most of the day greeting people as they arrive. Here is Danielle's Guidebook cover - she's totally amazing at this stuff...

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