Thursday, March 27, 2008

Good Friday Pics

I mentioned that I would try to get some Good Friday pics going. Danielle has posted some really cool pictures of both the service and the Journey to the Cross rooms here.

We're getting so much feedback on this year's experience. Here is a quote from an email I received yesterday... "I wanted to send a note to all of you to thank you for the awesome Good Friday Services. Growing up as a Catholic (in a religious home) we always went to services during Easter Week. I have never had the privilege to be part of such meaningful experiences. The Journey to the Cross truly touched my heart. It was perfect for a wide spectrum of ages...I know it made an impression on our 10 year old son. I am so glad we came back for the Communion Service....the teleconference video was amazing! So much to think about!"

Speaking of that Louie Giglio video - 8 copies will be available in our bookstore this weekend (somewhere between $16-$18 for the DVD) We will be also ordering more for those who pre-pay that will be available for the next weekend.

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