Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Love the Church When it's Working Well

I've walked out of a couple of meetings this week just amazed at how God builds his church. It is awesome to see different people with completely different gift mixes come together as a team around a common vision and chase it down together. The meetings are revolving around the continuing development of ServErie (Grace's new initiative to stop the advancement of poverty in our region).

It is awesome to see leaders and organizers and IT people and web developers and creative thinkers and detail people and big vision people and vision casters and behind the scenes folks all come together and chase a common dream. The spirit and heart of this team is amazing. We're working on the two strategic next steps for ServErie:

1. Organizing our core team around the major departments that have presented themselves and
2. Getting ServErie web based.

Right now we are doing it the old-fashioned way with a job board in the lobby where people can sign up for a service opportunity with one of our smiling ServErie staff members. Getting to a web interface is going to open up a bunch of new opportunities for Grace folks to get involved. It is also going to be the first step in taking ServErie to a wider audience. We're dreaming about the day when other churches, and colleges, and businesses in our region have a centralized location at which they can sign up to serve alongside some fine organizations in our city that are working to alleviate the stranglehold of poverty. It's an exciting endeavor to be a part of and we're praying for the day when the statistics and percentages related to poverty, and teen pregnancy, and high school dropout rates, begin to go down instead of up. May our city be changed forever - and may the body of Christ continue to work in all her glory!


Lora said...

I am so encouraged and blessed to know that my daughter & her hubby are a part of a church doing the things that you all are doing! Thank you for your leadership in this ministry & in your fellowship.

Derek said...

And we're fortunate to have them! They are an amazing addition.

rachel said...

The meeting was really encouraging last night. I left thinking how amazing the whole process is and how excited I am to be part of it!!!