Saturday, July 26, 2008

National School of Leadership

I had a meeting last week with two leaders from our denomination - (used to be the Baptist General Conference now is...) CONVERGE Worldwide. Pamela Heim from the National Office flew in, and Gary Shroeder from our Regional office, and I met in Dubois on Wednesday to discuss the National School of Leadership. Grace is going to be one of the pilot sites for the school. We will be one of only a few churches from around the country to pilot the program.

The NSL is a leadership development program for people who aren't pastors or church staff. We'll be encouraging emerging and existing Grace leaders to go through the school. It is a one year program that will meet for a group learning experience 6 times (every two months). These times will be taught some by Grace Pastors as well as other experts that we'll be bringing in from around the region and around the country.

We are thrilled to be involved at this level in this program - we're aware of at least 5 other churches that will be sending folks to our site and the promotion of the thing hasn't even started yet! At this point it looks like we'll hold our first class in late January sometime. Keep your ears open. You can find out a little more info here.

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Dave said...

I left my heart in DuBois.

Just kidding. But this does sound like a pretty awesome opportunity for Grace to be part of.