Thursday, August 14, 2008


So I haven't made huge progress on my sermon for this weekend yet - it's a really difficult subject - blessing your enemies. But I had spent 4-5 hours in and out of study this afternoon and had been typing notes into a research document. This is usually my first step. Before I left the office at 7:22 this evening - I pressed save and then unplugged my laptop and packed it up for home.

When I got home- I had a quick bite for dinner and then plugged in to get things set up for after the kids go to bed. I opened the document and it didn't include any of the notes that I took today. I was sick to the point of wanting to vomit. Not only am I behind already - but now am 4-5 more hours behind. I called Dave Winn (our I.T. guy from church) to see if he could rescue me. He promptly came over and remotely found a document on the server at church that was saved at 7:22 pm. He then rescued my document from the server - thank you Jesus for Dave Winn and all I.T. peeps out there. Holy smokes I might have done myself in if it weren't for him!

Dave made me promise that in return I wouldn't convict him too much with the sermon this weekend. Sorry - no promises on that one... Maybe he should "get sick" during services because I have a feeling the sermon is going to be a whack between the eyes for some.

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rachel said...

HOLY CRAP derek! i'm SO glad dave was able to find it for you. ugh. I hate that feeling, it is so deep and sick and awful.

I heard a funny thing yesterday - some of us (i wont mention names) were talking about the sermon on blessing your family coming up and an unnamed person said "whew, i'm glad i'll be out of town for that one" and then we were laughing... right, because if you're not there, then it doesn't count. haha!

i'm excited about this weekend. :)