Friday, October 31, 2008

Multi-Site Church - Part 1

A couple of weeks ago in my sermon "Outside the Walls" in the We Will Tell Revisited Series I talked about our plans as a church to launch our first satellite campus in the next 12-18 months. We are planning to launch a multi-site model in which Grace would have a number of satellite campuses around the region. I wanted to use a few posts to unpack the multi-site concept. Some of the info in this post is thanks to the Acts 29 Network.

What Is a Multi-Site Church?

  • A Single Church
  • With Multiple Worship Services
  • In Multiple Locations
  • Some use live speakers and some use video venues
Advantages of a Multi-Site Church vs. a Church Plant
  • Oversight by One Board
  • One Budget
  • Allows the church to maximize it's staff
  • Shared Resources
Why initiate a Multi-Site Church?
  • Evangelism Potential
  • A Creative Way to Manage Growth
  • A Strategy for Reaching Different Communities
Our intention with our first multi-site would be to use live worship and live preaching, but that the satellite would use the same sermon series, website, ministry philosophy, etc. We are taking a look over at the Harborcreek/ Wesleyville/ Penn State Behrend area right now to see what God might be up to. Stay tuned...


Morning Girl said...

Nice to hear some information about your Multi-Site Church. My church here in the Philippines (Evangelical Free Church of Vista Verde)used the church planting method as a way of reaching many souls for Christ. Pray that all Christians churches whatever method they may have will bring much glory to our awesome God! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Grazie per questo distacco, รจ stato molto utile e ha detto un sacco