Tuesday, November 11, 2008

2 Years From a Teenager

Caleb turned 11 years old on Monday. He woke up this morning - on his birthday - to a winter wonderland. Ironically, there was also a big snowstorm the day he came into the world 11 years ago. I'll never forget Kim's call to me at work from the hospital saying, "We're going to have a baby today - swing home and pick up my bag on your way down here." (She was at the doctor's for a regularly scheduled checkup - only to find that she was already dialated and ready to have a baby).

Caleb is an amazing kid. He's overcome a bunch of adversity already in his short life with his many allergies growing up and continuing battle with asthma. I can sum up Caleb best by quoting his teacher in our recent conference with her. She said, "A teacher gets the privilege of having a student like Caleb about once every 10 years." He's consciencious, brave, he stands up for what's right, he's a good influence on his friends and siblings, he already loves the Scriptures, he's an amazing big brother, he's respectful and trustworthy, he's honest, he's smart and funny. He's the whole package. What a great kid - happy 11th birthday to my firstborn son. What a gift he is to our family.

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