Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Reasons to Come to Grace on Christmas Eve

If you are in Erie I would urge you to get to one of our Christmas eve services tomorrow - they're going to rock! I would also challenge you to bring someone along with you - even if they don't usually go to church. Grace has a way of surprising people who haven't been to church in a while with comments like, "can you do that in church?" Our services are at 4:30, 6:30, and 11:00 PM. There is free and secure nursery care available at the first two services. Here are just three of the reasons you should come:
  1. The music - I would stack our musicians at Grace up against the best in the region. The music is going to be awesome. At 4:30 and 6:30 our band will put a modern flare on all the traditional Christmas carols along with a song that they are performing that is going to really blow you away. At 11:00 a vocal team will be singing through an even larger selection of carols and inspirational Christmas songs.
  2. Creativity - all our services will be highlighted with creative elements that will inspire your faith and make God happy. We will put a new twist on the traditional candlelighting ceremony, and my very own Ayden will be making a really cute vocal appearance which I can't wait for you to hear! We also have some video elements that are just amazing. 11:00 is going to capture your imagination with dramatic readings and participatory elements. It's going to be awesome.
  3. The message - Pastor Al and I have taken great care to prepare a challenging and inspirational message to everyone who attends no matter where they are at on their faith journey. I will be speaking at 4:30 and 6:30 and Al will be bringing it home at 11:00. You're not going to want to miss these services -get there early- we'll see you there.

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Danny Lucas said...

Most gifts are usually opened Christmas Eve or Christmas morning.

I am thankful you received extra gifts in your household later Christmas Day.....

the gift of answered prayer
the gift of protection
the gift of healing
the gift of Peace.

The name Caleb is prominent after Moses as Caleb searched the Promised Land, came back, and diagnosed the situation of mighty bad odds against the Chosen people when they cross the river. Every one of the scouts said "we are gonna lose".

Caleb saw the precise same disadvantages, added "God is on our side", and said "Let's GO!....we win!"

Numbers 13: 30-33

God will remain with THIS Caleb, as He did with the other long ago.