Monday, January 26, 2009

Things I Like About our New President

I may not agree with all his policies and I'm sure there are still many difficult times ahead, but in these days of enthusiasm and hope - I've been considering a few things that I like about President Obama.

1. He uses words well. If you know me, you know that I love words. I love when things are well crafted - and I'm anal about wordsmithing my messages when I speak. His speeches have been amazing throughout the campaign and inauguration. And with his words, President Obama has the power to envision, embolden, and inspire an entire nation. And with those same words he has the ability to do great harm (as we all do). I pray that he wields his most powerful weapon with wisdom and skill.

2. He uses technology well. It is well-documented that Obama's presidential campaign has changed the paradigm of how to run for office in the United States. His use of email, social networking, youtube, and a variety of other technologies has been astounding. And not just for fundraising purposes but for vision casting, soliciting feedback, building momentum, creating intrigue, it's been fascinating to watch. He will hopefully provide unparalleled access to the White House and the presidency through technology.

3. He's an African American. This is a weird to say that I like about him in that it is not a character quality or something that he has chosen. However, in talking to a number of my African American friends - the affect that President Obama's elecion has had on the mindset and psyche of young black kids across this nation will only be known a few generations from now. All I know is that it seems to have unlocked something in their minds that will allow them to dream bigger dreams, and that makes me happy. I pray that starting now, those dreams will begin to have a positive affect in cities and towns across this great land.

No bashing on this blog- so what are some things you like and admire about our new President? Also, stay tuned for a post about some things that I like about George Bush...


Dave said...

I appreciate how much he loves his family. The pride he has for his wife and his precious is blatant and genuine.

Larry Shallenberger said...

I like his visionary leadership.

I like the fact that he didn't return fire when his character was attacked during the campaign.

So far he was stayed true to his core convictions.

Dan Stauffer said...

No matter your political affiliation, one is hard pressed not to find something to admire about our new Pres. I find myself praying often for his safety, that he is surrounded by wise and godly counsel, and that God would influence for good any decisions that may harm the spiritual fabric of the great USA.

Great blog brah!

rachel said...

I agree with the things you said, and I also like his calm-ness and confidence. I don't see it as arrogance, I see it as assured-ness. I like how he is relaxed when he talks and never seems nervous.

I like that he is inspiring to others.

I like that he doesn't want to give up his blackberry :)

Danny Lucas said...

I love how he prioritizes.

1). To McCain (who suspended his campaign and debate to come up with a bailout,... uh, the HOUSE was doing that....You Sir, are a Senator)
"A President should be able to do more than one thing at a time"

2.) Halloween Night 2008.
The future president is being hounded by photographers as he travels the streets with two little girls dressed up for Halloween and getting candy.
"C'mon guys, not tonight.
Tonight, I am just being a dad".
(THIS, while just days remain in the campaign!)
They left him alone.

3.) Health. If you do not take care of your body, you will be of no use to family, friends, nation, globe. He works out daily, and takes excellent care of his health. The Day after Inauguration he averred his surprise to find a "workout room" on the premises.

He had just spent 2 years looking for a place to workout in every town in the land. Now, he has one off the bathroom down the hall. And, he deserves it.

But best is what Dave said.
He is very tall. He has to look enormous to his children. He ALWAYS touches them, and extends a huge smile, or bends down that they may connect.

Children take their cues on God, from their father on Earth. These girls will know of a Huge Father in Heaven, who beams smiles of approval at them, and love as well. And, he is available for an embrace, no matter how chaotic the world around happens to be.
These girls will know the Father in Heaven well as a result of their father on Earth.

sojourn said...

One correction. Ron Paul in the 2008 election campaign began the mass movement toward use of technology in a campaign when his supporters, without direction began raising millions of dollars using "money bombs". The beautiful thing about this was that it was totally grassroots and never directed from Ron Paul's campaign. Obama was just smarter than all the other politicians and saw how effective what Ron Paul was doing was and latched on quickly, while all the other politicians made feeble attempts to "look relevant."