Sunday, January 16, 2011

Game Day Thoughts

Sunday is Game Day.  Not because of the NFL or NBA or any other sports. But as a Pastor, it's the day the church convenes for worship.  It's the day our staff plans for all week.  It's the day our teams at Grace are on high alert and in full-service mode.  It's game day. Here are a few of my highlights from today:
  1. One of those "God is at work" moments - It doesn't happen all the time.  In fact I would say there have only been about a dozen moments in the last 15 years of my ministry like today. About 1/2 way through the sermon at 11:00 I just had the sense that God was at work in the room. Eyes and hearts were locked in and there was a sense that people were doing business with God and He was pressing them forward. It's very humbling to be in that moment. People responded with abandon at the end of the service. I could sense that people were ready to go earlier in the service when Brian and his team led us through The Stand.  It continued on through to the end. 
  2. Membership - it's always awesome to receive new folks into membership.  We have a powerhouse group coming in this time.  I'm always on the edge of my seat to see how God will use the new folks that join our church.  God is an expert at making churches and He knows just who we need right now. Congrats to those of you who joined our community today!
  3. Offering moment by Danielle - This probably seems like a weird one - but one of my close friends and colleagues, Danielle, hosted our service today.  She did an amazing job introducing the offering time. She explained how the offering isn't like membership dues, and it's not a tax, and it's not an insurance policy to get something that we want from God.  We don't give so that we can receive - but we give because we have already received. Danielle accepted Jesus when she was a high school student in my youth group. I have had a front row seat to watch her grow and thrive over the years.  Now she is on staff at Grace and it was so cool to watch her challenge and teach the church today during that time. Loved it!
I will post a recap of the sermon and some other stuff later this week.  If you were at Grace this weekend - what were some of your highlights?

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