Friday, February 11, 2011

Things you should never reveal on Facebook

Yes... Facebook is huge.  Most of you are reading this right now because you followed a link from Facebook.  I have found it to be an unbelievable way to connect with people and a great tool for ministry purposes.  I ran across an article by Kathy Kristof over at CBS's Moneywatch that includes some no-no's when it comes to posting things on Facebook.  I picked what I found to be the most interesting 3 things to never reveal: 
  1. Vacation plans. There may be no better way to say “Rob me, please” than posting where you're headed and how long you'll be gone. Post the photos when you return. 
  2. Confessionals. You may hate your job; lie on your taxes; or be a recreational user of illicit drugs, but this is no place to confess. Employers are now frequently checking social networking sites to determine who to hire — and, sometimes, who to fire. 
  3. Risky behaviors. You take your classic Camaro out for street racing, soar above the hills in a hang glider, or smoke like a chimney? Insurers are increasingly turning to the web to figure out whether their applicants and customers are putting their lives or property at risk, according to
There are some other obvious one's in the article.  But what are some of the more dangerous revelations that you've seen on Facebook?


Larry Shallenberger said...

Perhaps people should confess myspace. Nobody reads that.

Larry Shallenberger said...

On a serious note: Spouses, don't fight or vent frustration with your husband or wife on fb. Seems disrespectful.