Saturday, August 13, 2011

Leadership Summit Day 2 Highlights

The 2011 Global Leadership Summit is in the books. I'm so proud that Grace Church is associated with this event. We had nearly 300 leaders from a variety of different organizations and over 30 churches from throughout the region. The conference blog is here if you'd like to catch up with some of the backstage information and session summaries. I'm including my favorite quotes from each speaker on day two along with a link to Tim Schraeder's blog summaries of each talk - he does a great job capturing each speaker with thorough notes. 

Mama Maggie Gorban - Silence yourself to listen to God.  Silence your tongue to listen to your thoughts.  Silence your thoughts to listen to your heart beating. Silence your heart to listen to your spirit.  Silence your spirit to listen to His Spirit. In silence you leave the many... to be with the One

Michelle Rhee - I would much rather have anger than apathy (in the people I'm trying to lead). 

Henry Cloud - Don't let someone else's character problems stop your vision.

John DicksonSome of the most inspiriting leaders in all of history had no structural authority. Sometimes you don't need the power to hire and fire to change empires or individuals. You don't need the keys to the kingdom to have impact on the kingdom.

Pat Lencioni - In order to be vulnerable as leaders we must overcome the fear of being embarrassed. When we're leading/serving others- we sometimes have to do things that could embarrass us.  We have to ask questions that might make us look stupid

Erwin McManus - The church needs to reclaim its place as the incubator of God-given talent and potential inside of every human being. There is no better way to live than to redeem the image of God in every human being. 

If you were at this year's Summit - what was the most impacting moment for you?


Kelly Welser said...

I loved it when Steven Furtick talked about doing a lot of different things now to work toward your mission. "If you want to see the land filled with water, dig some ditches. If you will dig the ditches, God will send the rain. Make this valley full of ditches." Even if you don't see results right away, you never know where those consistent actions can lead you.

Derek said...

I really liked that part too Kelly! So glad you were able to come.