Tuesday, December 20, 2011

3 F's of inviting someone to church

Christmas is a time when people who don't normally go to church will consider going to church, especially if someone they trust invites them.  We always encourage our folks to be inviters at Christmas time (without being weird and overbearing Christians!)  Here are a few tips for a good invitation to church ... and since I'm a cheesy pastor ... they all start with "F". 

  1. Friends and Family – invite people that you’re already in a relationship with. No handing out invitations at the mall or going door to door to people you don't know. Every one of us has a circle of people that we love and respect – at work, in your neighborhood, in your family, at your gym, from your kids’ sports teams.  Pray for them and invite some of them to join you on Christmas Eve. 
  2. Facts – it's important to have an idea what’s going on in the services and some key information to share when you make your invitation.  Be specific when you invite them – offer to meet them somewhere or come with them.  Tell you're guests what to expect, what you'll be wearing, etc.  Know some facts. Use an invitation card (we have plenty available for Christmas Eve). Here are some facts about this year at Grace; Christmas Eve services are at 1, 3, 5 PM at McKean worship center; 7 pm at Harborcreek High School; and then 10 AM in the Commons at McKean on Christmas morning.  We're asking folks to choose one of the 5. Music will be relevant to the service. Derek is preaching live at all, Brian wrote an original song that is fantastic, we will be singing Christmas carols, we'll be inspired by an original video by our video team. There is childcare at all of them except the Sunday morning service.  
  3. First-hand account – while you’re inviting them, tell them about how your involvement at the church has been important to you.  Tell them how the church has made a difference in your life. Your credibility (not the church's) will be what ultimately compels them to come. 
I'm praying that many people will find the hope of Christ this Christmas as a result of a bunch of Christians who had the guts to invite them. 

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