Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Musings Big and Small

It's been a while since I posted - so I thought I would do a quick mind dump.

  1. Tonight was the final night of the pre-marriage class that's been meeting for the last 8 weeks. We had 5 couples at our house for dinner and our last session together. It was cool and a very neat and diverse group of people.
  2. Al and I met today to review some of the work that I did last week on vision and goals - I'm excited to take it to the next level of specificity after listening to his input today.
  3. 2 weeks down and 3 to go of my Essential Jesus follow-up class on Sunday mornings. The first two weeks have been absolutely awesome. It's been a continuation of the intensity of the series. And it's cool to be in a room with people who are passionate about studying and following Jesus.
  4. I'm getting ready for a 24 hour staff getaway next Tuesday/Wednesday. Our staff is amazing and it is a privilege to lead them. The time will be rich with God stuff, planning, and fun.
  5. Kim and I have decided to give away our entire Economic Stimulus check. We wrote a check this week that more than gave it away to a worthy cause through Grace. Piper has some awesome thoughts on it here.
  6. ServErie kicks off to the church this weekend. It is going to be so amazing to see our church unleashed in our community! Teams have been meeting almost daily in some form or fashion for the last couple weeks to get ready. That intensity will continue for a while till we're up and running!
  7. Aaron starts tomorrow at Grace. He will bring a level of excellence to our campus and retail ministries like we've never known. Thank you God for Diane who served so capably in the meantime - what a tremendous blessing she has been.
  8. Caleb's first football game for the new session is this Saturday night at the Golf Dome at FFSP. Should be fun - we're playing the best team in the league in the first game so it will be a true test. (yes I'm coaching again...for better or worse).
  9. That's enought for now...

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