Thursday, November 20, 2008

3 Quick Things

OK - so I'm updating the feel and flavor of my blog. Up to this point I have written about general musings of life and leadership and God stuff. That variety will still be there, but I'm going to use the unifying principle of 3's. So from this point forward I will either have 3 points in each blog or I will do 3 part blog entries. If you look at yesterday's post I was practicing - it was the third post in a three part series AAAND had three points in it. Yes - that's right - I went mental ninja on you. Anyway- most of my posts will begin with an introductory paragraph like this one and then move to the 3 points. So today I present 3 quick reasons to organize my posts around 3 Quick Things:
  1. People like lists - blog readers can tend to be lazy and are more likely to scan lists vs. reading whole paragraphs. Lists also are more interesting, look neat, keep thoughts succinct, are more likely to be linked to, and help to organize concepts.
  2. Three is a good number - you have the whole Trinity thing but then you also have the little pigs, amigos, stooges, blind mice, wise men, ring circus, strikes you're out, etc. etc.
  3. I'm a Pastor OK? - and the whole stereotype of Pastors is that they have three points for everything. So I'm just gonna go with that.
What do you think of my new format?


puremotif said...

LOVE IT! And swooning over Danielle's awesome header design.

To be completely honest, it's going to be fun to see you try to compile all your thoughts into ONLY threes.

BTW - the post yesterday came on a really good day for me. thanks for that.

jasonpauli said...

You had a professional design your header?!?!

You sold out man... sold out.

Abraham said...

Good idea. Eager to follow along.