Thursday, November 20, 2008

Reasons to Come to Grace this Weekend

If you read this blog and live in Erie- this would be a great weekend to check out one of the services at Grace.   If you already attend Grace this should not be the 1 in every 4 weekends that you don't come!  Here are three quick reasons why:

  1. Mike Watson is going to tear it up with his message this weekend.  He's going to be giving a clear and simple presentation about why Jesus came.  Mike is one of those guys that was deeply changed by the love of Christ.  Jesus took his life that was really screwed up and made it whole.  It will be an awesome weekend to bring friends too - the more the merrier.
  2. This is our big Thanksgiving Outreach weekend.  The church has seriously shattered expectations.  Last I heard - we had raised almost $27,000 to provide Thanksgiving dinner to those in need this year.  That is unbelievable!  Last year we raised $17,000 and thought that was ridiculous.  Our facility will be abuzz this weekend with hundreds of people volunteering to pack bags to be sent out into the community on Monday morning.  Check out some pictures from last year.
  3. You can pick up your tickets for The Sounds of Christmas.  Our annual event that is going to be absolutely breathtaking this year.  It will also be coupled with a brief celebration of Pastor Al's 30 years at Grace.

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