Monday, January 10, 2011

Dangerous questions I asked my kids last week

  • Did you kiss a girl this week?
  • What do I do as a dad that you can't stand?
  • What do you think mommy and I are thinking when we look at each other?
    What are some questions that you ask your kids to help you stay engaged in their lives and/or to keep you growing and improving as a parent?


    Kathy Schriefer said...

    It's cruel to post these questions and not give some answers.

    Derek said...

    1. No
    2. There is nothing
    3. Love

    All good answers... thankfully!

    Shane Kozloff said...

    Wow, that was kind of a let down. Try some tougher questions. We're used to more humor, drama and emotion from your family stories!! lol