Sunday, January 09, 2011

Game Day Thoughts

Sunday is Game Day.  Not because of the NFL or NBA or any other sports. But as a Pastor, it's the day the church convenes for worship.  It's the day our staff plans for all week.  It's the day our teams at Grace are on high alert and in full-service mode.  It's game day. Here are a few of my highlights from today:

  1. Open Sourced Service - we let the cat out of the bag about our open sourced service on January 30. I'm really excited - I'm not aware of another church like ours trying it. In recent months, I've been really convicted about the need for the people of Grace to participate more in our corporate worship experience and to take 1 Cor. 14:26 seriously. So we're going to try it! If there is a passage of scripture that has been meaningful to you that you'd like to share, maybe a story of something that God has been up to in your life, even an encouragement for the church before the offering time we'd love to hear it.  You also have the chance to give some feedback for my sermon and to help select the songs we do that day.  Check it out.
  2. Pre-Marriage Class -I love each time we launch a new pre-marriage class. Nearly a dozen couples coming together for an 8 week experience of learning and growing together in preparation for a life of marriage.  It's always so awkward the first week - it's funny.  Soon they will be talking and laughing and learning together with Scott and Miriam at the helm. I heard the other classes launched well this morning too.  It's not too late to get in on one of them that's of interest...
  3. Second date - I'm so proud of this team that helps people connect at Grace each month - I peeked in on them after 11:00 and it is such a blast to see vibrant and meaningful conversations going on in an effort to help newer people to find their way into the community at Grace.  The Second Date team is only about a year old and has launched this brand new ministry.  They have successfully made changes and adjustments as needed to make Second Date a very meaningful experience for people. 
I love my church!  Week 2 of this series on Relational Healing was very cool as we explored Anger and Forgiveness.  I'll post sometime this week on a little sermon recap and some additional material that I didn't have time for today.  

If you attended church this weekend (even if you weren't at Grace) What was a highlight for you?


Anonymous said...

Here is my struggle from today. 1.) What if someone doesn't want to be forgiven? if they feel there is no need to forgive? or they don't identify that they hurt? And then # 2.)How do we continue a relationship with those that continue to hurt? and should we continue to forgive? Some relationship you can not just walk away from, like family or workplace.

Kristen said...

Thanks for the 2nd Date shout out Derek! We had some fantastic connections today with one woman in tears as she shared about how Grace has blessed her...and it was only her 2nd visit!

Derek said...


1) In this case I would fall back on a principle from Romans 12:18 that says, "as far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men." You are responsible for your own actions and attitudes only and if you have done all that can be done, you have done your part.

2) Forgiveness is not the same thing as continuing a relationship like it was before. You can do the work of forgiveness, but that doesn't guarantee that things will go back to the way they were before - in some cases it shouldn't go back to the old way. I will be posting a blog tomorrow that looks at "counterfeit forgiveness" that addresses this issue in a little more detail.