Thursday, January 06, 2011

Haven't heard from God in a while? ... try this

Sometimes we need conversation starters with God. Like a divine ice-breaker. Often our prayers are very one-sided with us asking for a bunch of stuff and then getting mad at God when He doesn't give it all to us. I have enjoyed some incredible times of "listening prayer" armed with only these three questions, 30 minutes of silence, and a pen and notebook.  Ask the question and then listen for what He says, listen to how He prompts you, write everything down and sort through it later.
  1. What is the next step in developing my character?
  2. What is the next step in my family?
  3. What is the next step in my personal ministry?
Do you have any questions that help you listen to God?

1 comment:

Danny Lucas said...

1) "God, is there anybody I know personally, that you would intervene in their life and meet their needs....whatever they are...because of our prayer now?"

2) "God, is there any PLACE on your Earth, that has a person with free will and in trouble because of it, that YOU would step in and trump their free will just because of an interceding prayer in my house now?"

3) "God, our lack of jobs in town is breaking apart families and communities. What are you trying to tell me, Erie, and the USA by our economy practices....and yours?"

4) "God, lemme get another tablet.
Be right back."