Thursday, March 13, 2014

VISION 2016: 3 New Multi-Site Locations

In September 2011 – our Elders laid out a 5 year vision for Grace Church that includes 5 initiatives that we will chase together through the year 2016.  Here's a quick update:

INITIATIVE #1 - 3 more multi-site locations

  • Things are heating up in preparation to launch our next location in West County. Malcolm Beall has signed on to be our Campus Lead. He brings a rich family ministry history and a great familiarity with the area, as well as a passion for Christ and great leadership ability. He, his wife Angie, and 'baby Mal' will be leading the charge in West County. 
Malcolm and Angie Beall on their wedding day
  • March 16 we’ll be having our first gathering for those interested in the West County location. Come out to our Multi-Site Ministry fair that evening at 6:00 to hear all the details.
  • We also shared the exciting news that our own Pastor Brian Lusky will be personally investing time at our West County location during the initial start-up phase until a great worship team is built. Chrissy Cole came to us from Australia where she spent time learning and leading worship at Hillsong Church, and will be leading musical worship at Grace McKean. 
  • We also just launched an improved website and Grace Online that will prove to be a powerful ministry tool as we launch additional sites.
Please pray for God's direction as it relates to a specific location in the West County. We are certain that He's leading us there and now need a place to gather in His name!

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