Friday, March 14, 2014

VISION 2016: 50 Local Churches Serving Erie

In September 2011 – our Elders laid out a 5 year vision for Grace Church that includes 5 initiatives that we will chase together through the year 2016.  Here's a quick update:

INITIATIVE #2 - 50 local churches serving the Erie community

  • We had over 400 people at our last ServErie Saturday representing 24 churches and organizations.  We’re expecting to see over 1000 participants during the month of July as ServErie partners with Billy Graham Evangelical Association and “Rock the Lakes” for two community service events. We believe that this partnership will allow us to surpass and expand our goal of 50 ServErie partner churches.

  • We are currently exploring ServErie partnerships with inner city schools through the Erie School District. We believe that this can expand our capacity to serve the families of our city.
  • You can follow the latest happenings at our Facebook page

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Di5 said...

Are you able to share Christ on these events? Can you pray a blessing on a house or leave a tract when improving a home or yard?