Saturday, March 15, 2014

VISION 2016: 2 Global Church Partnerships

In September 2011 – our Elders laid out a 5 year vision for Grace Church that includes 5 initiatives that we will chase together through the year 2016.  Here's a quick update:

INITIATIVE #3 – 2 global church to church partnerships

  • Our 3-part strategy for our partnership with Grace en Sion is progressing. From the start we said that this partnership would move forward in 3 stages: school, church, business.

  • We started with a concentration on the school because we believe that it gives Grace en Sion the best chance to be financially self-sustaining. The school has increased from 7 students to 142 students in the last 2 years. For many of these children, it is the only chance they have for food during the day, for a shower during the week, and to hear about Jesus during the year. You can get involved in sponsoring a student through our Facebook page.

  • A team of 17 people from Grace Church recently returned from Haiti. During their 10 trip they were able to; throw a Valentine’s Day banquet for the parents of the children at Cowman School, host a parenting conference for those same parents, lead worship at Grace en Sion Church, teach and share love with the kids at the school, paint the Dennington’s home, volunteer whenever needed at the clinic and orphanage, encourage the pastors and leaders at Grace en Sion. It was a fruitful trip. 

  • Currently we are exploring additional church partnership options. 

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Di5 said...

I was wondering when the church will be sending small motorcycles, you had mentioned this a while ago. You said that this would create jobs for the people.