Sunday, March 16, 2014

VISION 2016: 212-Raise Discipleship Temperature

In September 2011 – our Elders laid out a 5 year vision for Grace Church that includes 5 initiatives that we will chase together through the year 2016.  Here's a quick update:

INITIATIVE #5 - 212 – we will raise the temperature for life-on-life discipleship to the boiling point so it is normal for people to become reproducing followers of Jesus by owning their personal growth.

  • Our most recent commitment to discipleship at Grace is the church-wide experience we’re in together called E100.  This effort to encourage our entire church to engage daily with the scriptures is proving to be life-changing for many. Individuals and families are finding their chair and owning their personal growth by regularly connecting with God through his Word. This practice, over the course of five months, will fundamentally change the spiritual temperature at Grace.
  • Also, we have recently recruited over 40 small group leaders to begin new groups at Grace. Many of those leaders are currently leading groups who are engaged in E100. Our desire is that as people connect in groups – that they will build spiritually-charged relationships with other believers that will lead to vitality and accountability.
  • We have made it very easy to find and get in a group with our new group finder feature at our website. 
  • Celebrate Recovery launched this fall at Grace and has had a healing effect on the nearly 60 people who attend each week. The CR groups provide an important discipleship component for those who attend. 

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